Gary Stevens talks to the students at HHIS

Gary Stevens at HHIS

Black Mountain head coach Gary Stevens visited HHIS this week to give a talk to the secondary school students. He shared tips with the students for setting goals, adapting to change, handling pressure and bouncing back when things do not go as planned.

They are subjects Gary has plenty of experience in. During his football career he won the UEFA Cup, scored in an FA  Cup Final and represented England at the 1986 World Cup.

Gary experienced his fair share of setbacks, seeing England eliminated from the World Cup due to a blatant handball by Diego Maradona, and losing the FA Cup Final on a replay. He also scored in a penalty shootout for Tottenham during the UEFA Cup win, so knows a thing or two about pressure.

These days he is coach and pundit, sharing his wisdom with the boys and girls at the Black Mountain Academy and the Astro Supersport viewers. But it is always a privilege to get to hear Gary sharing his experiences from his playing days.