Latest coronavirus restrictions

Here is the latest update on the coronavirus situation. Please note that several countries have been added to the quarantine list.

We plan to continue offering football coaching. However we have taken a number of steps at the academy to minimize the risks.


We have introduced single use plastic water bottles. Every time someone wants water they can help themselves to a plastic bottle containing a single use measure of 229mls which can be drunk and then disposed of.

Handshakes / high fives / hand holding

The coaches will not be shaking hands or doing ‘high fives’ with any of the parents or players. There will also not be any exercises that involve hand holding.

14 day quarantine

Please note that we follow the HHIS guidelines for quarantine. Anyone who has visited one of the following countries in the last 14 days is not allowed to enter the facilities: China, Macau, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Iran, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Midweek sessions

Midweek sessions will cease until further notice, due to HHIS regulations. Training continues as normal on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm.