42 players in action for BMHHFA against Hua Hin Junior

Yesterday we welcomed Hua Hin Junior to Black Mountain for four friendly matches. Our Under 10s, Under 15s and Under 13s played 7 a side while the Under 6s played 3 a side.

Patrick, Tyler, Shuyang, Mark, Morgan, Kamin, Ryan, Will, Pinky, Max, AJ and Chase played in the Under 6 matches while Gan, Louis, Alex, Gai, Nick, William, Ford, Bon, Sophia, Singtoh and Dream played for the Under 10s.

Meanwhile Wave, Bank, Boss, Benz, Moss, Nat, Nai, Fluke, Few, Gluay and Bon represented the Under 15s while Louise, Danny, Sam, Oat, Nai, Ram, Bae, Mai and Sprite were in action in an impromptu Under 13 match.

In total there were 42 players in action and the Under 15s, Under 13s and Under 10s scored 13 goals in their three matches, conceding 8.

The Under 15 game was a thriller with Hua Hin Junior taking an early 2-0 lead but BMHHFA coming back to win 5-4 courtesy of two goals apiece from Nat and Gluay with Boss grabbing the other.

The Under 10s took a 2-0 lead at halftime courtesy of strikes from wingers William and Gai, with the former putting in a man of the match performance on the left flank.

Ford scored a fine solo goal to make it 3-0 before Hua Hin Junior capitalized on a defensive mixup to grab a late consolation goal.

An impromptu Under 13 match was arranged as several players hadn’t had a chance to play. It was a very open and entertaining game with BMHHFA running out as 5-3 winners courtesy of a hat trick from Sprite and goals from Mai and Moss.

No-one was keeping track of the scoring in the Under 6 game but there were plenty of goals scored by both teams and you can see one of them here:

It was a really enjoyable afternoon, all the matches were close and competitive and we hope to welcome Hua Hin Junior back to Black Mountain for more matches in the future.