We are closed for two weeks

The local government in Petchaburi recently ordered all sports clubs and venues to close until March 31st. As a result we will be closed for the next two weeks. Some parents are already making plans for their children to play football together in back gardens or in public parks. if you are interested feel free […]

Latest coronavirus restrictions

Here is the latest update on the coronavirus situation. Please note that several countries have been added to the quarantine list. We plan to continue offering football coaching. However we have taken a number of steps at the academy to minimize the risks. Water We have introduced single use plastic water bottles. Every time someone […]

Coronavirus restrictions

Due to new school regulations we will no longer be able to use the pitch on weekdays. However Saturday and Sunday training will go ahead at the normal time of 4pm. Also please note that anyone who has visited China, Macau, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Italy or Iran in the last 14 days is […]