Prime Steakhouse Cup set for June 9th at Black Mountain

On Sunday, June 9th we will be hosting the first ever Prime Steakhouse Cup. Our Under 15 team will be in action along with Seahorse Academy and Pak Nam Pran Academy.

Our matches with Seahorse are always close and competitive while this will be the first time we have ever played against Pak Nam Pran.

A big thank you to Prime Steakhouse for sponsoring this tournament. Every team will play two 30 minute matches and there will be trophies for all three teams.

Date: June 9th
Tournament: Prime Steakhouse Cup (Under 15)
Schedule: 13:30 BMHHFA vs Seahorse, 14:15 Seahorse vs Pak Nam Pran, 15:00 Pak Nam Pran vs BMHHFA