Coaching trip to Pala U Noi with Jungle Aid

On Saturday morning some of the parents and coaches from the Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy traveled to Pala U Noi with local charity Jungle Aid. On this trip we were also accompanied by teachers and children from Hua Hin International School.

Pala U Noi is home to a community of Burmese refugees. There is no electricity or running water and Jungle Aid travels there every other month to provide vital medical services and health education for the people living there.

Some of the coaches or parents from BMHHFA come along for the trip to do a free coaching clinic for the children. This was the first time we had been to Pala U Noi in several months as the road had been washed away by heavy rain, cutting off access to the village.

The pitch might not be in perfect condition but it’s always fun for the children to play football.  More importantly they also have an opportunity to get access to medical advice and medicine from the nurses on the Jungle Aid team.

We will be back at Pala U Noi again in the new year. If anyone has any old clothes, shoes, toys or anything else which you think would be appropriate you can donate them at either the Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy or the Hua Hin International School and we will take them out on our next trip.