Schedule for Saturday

This Saturday the Under 14 and Under 10 teams have matches against Burexnong Academy. That means a slightly different weekend schedule from the one we are all used to.

The schedule will be as follows

3-3:15pm Under 14s arrive
3:15-3:30pm Under 14s warm up
3:30-4:30pm Under 14 match vs Burexnong (7 a side)
4-4:15pm Under 10s arrive
4:15-4:30pm Under 10s warm up (on the small pitch)
4:30-5:30pm Under 10 match vs Burexnong (8 a side)
4:30-5:30pm Under 6 training (on the small pitch)
5:30-6pm Fun game (if anyone still wants to play!)

4:30-5:30pm Under 6 training
4:30-6pm Under 10 training
4:30-6pm Under 14 training

On Saturday the Under 6s will be using the space behind the big pitch during the Under 10 match so please try not to get in their way. We can provide plastic chairs for any parents wanting to watch the game from besides the pitch but there isn’t much shade, so you might like to consider bringing along an umbrella if it’s hot!