Coaching trip to Pala U Noi with Jungle Aid

This morning some of the coaches and parents from the Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy traveled to Pala U Noi with Jungle Aid to do some football coaching for the children from the stateless, landless Karen community there.

Jungle Aid is a local charity which provides essential support to displaced people in and around Thailand. They send a team of volunteers to Pala U Noi every other month to provide supplies and medical support to the community there.

While the Jungle Aid team is busy doing this essential work the Black Mountain Hua Hin Football Academy puts on a free coaching session for any children that want to play football.

This project has been ongoing for over a year now but this morning’s group was very small as there was a big event happening at the local school. The children that did turn out all had a good time and got to work on their football skills.

Although the football session was a bit shorter than normal BMHHFA were also able to help by taking a 15 year old boy to Hua Hin Hospital with a suspected broken hand.

Jungle Aid paid for his treatment at the hospital and he returned to Pala U Noi that evening. A big thank you to Black Mountain for helping support this fantastic initiative.

You can see some photos of the football session below and the entire album can also be downloaded from facebook.