Photos of training, September 2nd

Another rainy Sunday but the session went ahead and we were delighted to sign up two new Swedish players in the Under 15 group. With children from Russia, England, Australia, New Zealand, the US, China and Holland as well as Thailand the academy has a truly international feel. Please follow and like us:

The Dele Alli Challenge

The Dele Alli Challenge is sweeping the sporting world! For the uninitiated it involves inverting a hand (or two!) and using the thumb and forefinger to form a circle around the eye. The Tottenham and England midfielder first used this as a celebration after scoring against Newcastle United on the opening day. Since then it […]

Photos of training, September 1st

A rare glimpse of sunshine on a Saturday afternoon in Hua Hin! After enduring rainy conditions for the past few weekends we finally caught a break with the weather and it made a pleasant change to play on warm, dry day. We signed up two new members for our Under 6 group and it’s great […]

Photos of training, August 25th

The sun was shining for the first session since the start of term at the Hua Hin International School and there were lots of returning children as well as some new players coming for a free trial session. At the Black Mountain Hau Hin Football Academy everyone is entitled to one free session with no […]

Photos of training, August 19th

Better weather meant a much better turnout today with a few more children back from the summer holidays. We expect things to get even busier once the Hua Hin International School opens again tomorrow. We plan to arrange some friendly matches in September or October so anyone wanting to nail down a spot in the […]